Construction's intoxicating.

  • Trutone custom cabinets have professional craftsmanship and are built out of quality material.

  • The cabinets are built of 3/4 solid pine.
  • The corners are lap jointed, pinned and glued with heavy duty glue, forming an extremely strong joint.
  • The baffle board and rear plate are 1/2 plywood.
  • There are 8 tolex colors (shown below) to choose from: Black, Wine Burgandy, Blonde, Emerald Green, Red Elephant, Purple Elephant, Co Co, and Bitchin' Brown.
  • The available grill cloth colors are Wheat, Maroon Oxblood, Silver and Black. Aged Fender Blackface grill cloth is also available.
  • Piping colors are gold, silver, white, brown and black.
  • Hardware on the cabinets is available in nickel or black.
  • Trutone cabinets are available with four different backs:

    That old Black Magic.

    Partial Open
    Oval port
    Removable plate for a closed or open back at $25 extra








Tolex Colors

Black Wine Burgandy Blonde
Emerald Green Red Elephant Purple Elephant

 New Tolex Colors!

Bitchin Brown Co Co


 Grill Cloth Colors

Black Wheat Maroon Oxblood Silver Oxblood with Gold Stripe


The Big Mamou

To order your custom built cabinet, e-mail or call 337-304-7889.

--Great Sound and Extremely Good Looks at an Affordable Price--