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Models & Prices:
 (Trutone cabinets can be purchased with or without speakers. Loaded prices shown below are estimated. The actual price will depend on your choice of speaker.  Choices include a variety of Celestions, Webers, Eminence and Jensen speakers. We also now offer Warehouse Guitar speakers and value priced Electro Harmonix speakers.    Please e-mail or call for a loaded price.

Shipping is not included in the listed prices, and it may vary depending on destination. Valance front models are $25 extra. Piping is $20 extra.

Size Dimensions Unloaded Price Loaded Price
1x10 22x17x10 $240 Call
1x12 24x18x11 $250 Call
2x10 24x18x11 $265 Call
2x12 28.5x19x11 $275 Call
1x15 28.5x19x11 $275 Call
4x10 26x26x11 $295 Call

(Price Increase Due To Recent Material Increase)


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To order your custom built cabinet, e-mail or call 337-304-7889.

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